M&A Consulting

For our customers who are mainly in the manufacturing industry, we do not just execute M&As, but we also do upstream services like strategic planning for improved business valuation, and everything from strategic M&A planning to downstream services, such as PMI (post-merger integration project).

MNM Consulting Japan offers more than just everything from the upstream to downstream per each customer's needs, including execution of M&As, but we also provide services for individual phases of the M&A process.

Our strength is that we do not make decisions solely on the basis of financial values. We have succeeded in achieving sales where big financial advisors had decided that due to bad financial statements, a sale could not be made at the seller's desired value. Such feats are possible because we understand the technological strengths of our clients and their future prospects, and we find acquisition candidates whose circumstances have great synergy and we are able to make persuasive offers to those candidates.

Flow of M&A Consulting