Welcome to Management New Methods Ltd.

Fields of expertise

At MNM Consulting Japan, we provide services primarily in the following two fields.

  1. Consulting and financial advisory services regarding M&A.
  2. Consulting services regarding corporate revitalization and profit turnaround of poorly performing companies

We specialize in supporting clients in the manufacturing industry, which includes automotive, electronics, mechanical or electrical equipment, materials, or chemical manufacturing. Recently, we have leveraged our expertise acquired from working with manufacturing companies to support clients in other industries such as ICT.

MNM consulting Japan (MNM being short for Management New Methods) was established by gathering experienced professionals in areas such as manufacturing, management planning in the ICT industry, finance, procurement, information systems, and sales. We also have partnerships with independent accounting, law, and management consulting firms. Together, we strive to provide effective management strategies and methods for business expansion to clients who wish to expand their operations in the face of tough overseas competition.

Professional services grounded in experience

Our core businesses of M&A strategy consulting and financial advisory services face competition from both domestic and overseas competitors with well-known brands.

Although there are many things that differentiate us from our competitors, the largest differentiating factor is that the core members of our company have a wealth of genuine experience acquired as directors or managers of real companies, particularly manufacturing companies.

In addition to providing strategic management assistance to customers in the manufacturing and ICT industries who deal with constantly changing technology, and complex operations and value chains, our thinking, speech, and actions are both more practical and effective when compared with our competitors, many of whom rely heavily on their backgrounds in finance. This is the reason why we have received high praise from the managers of many of Japan’s leading companies.